The Textile Renters ACcounting Solution offers a wide variety of features to accommodate this specialized industry. TRACS can handle many specific needs including automated inventory control, accounting , and purchasing functions. TRACS is setup to allow for customization to fit your needs.

Here is a general listing of TRACS integrated features :


  • Unique flexibility in delivery schedules
  • Route and plant load list by department
  • Manual or automatic soil count input
  • Automatic replacement of linen items
  • Complete garment installation menu with reports
  • Garment labels produced with bar codes
  • Ability to assign RF-ID chips and scan garments using the RF-ID or the bar codes
  • In-depth garment tracking reports
  • Multiple "extra charge" capabilities
  • Automatic lost garment calculations
  • Automatic price changes by date, for item and/or delivery number
  • Ability to setup master pricing for multiple accounts
  • Single screen account inquiry with access to delivery schedule, inventory, pricing, sales history, A/R aging with detailed images of adjusted invoices
  • Complete integration to accounts receivable, sales analysis, general ledger and inventory
  • Special delivery invoices
  • Ability to view actual invoices at any time with signatures


  • Weekly/monthly route sales analysis report
  • Weekly/monthly item sales analysis report
  • Weekly/monthly customer sales analysis report
  • Sales by Zip Code
  • Account activity report
  • Drivers and salesperson commission reports
  • Processing Analysis Report


  • Balance forward or open item posting of cash receipts
  • Automatic creation of finance charges and general ledger entries
  • User defined customer labels, lists and cards
  • Detailed images of invoices
  • Payment history report
  • Ability to fax or email statements

Handheld information page
  • Multiple concurrent communication between handhelds and server via network cradles
  • Customer signature capture
  • Captures soil counts if entered, delivery times, and cash receipts/checks that appear on AR data entry edit report
  • Display of open AR on the handheld for the customer
  • Handheld prints customer receipt with customer's signature
  • Allows invoice adjustments on the handheld with automatic update to TRACS
  • Garment orders (add men, changes, quit men, etc.)
  • Paperless environment

Accounts Payable information page
  • Aging and cash requirements reports
  • Automatic, manual or direct check entry
  • Recurring payables capabilities
  • Vendor history report

General Ledger information page
  • Multi-company ledger with divisional capabilities
  • Fully integrated with user defined financial statements
  • Account pro-ration for easy distribution
  • Flexible budget capabilities


  • Automatic in/out statistics
  • Direct sale and rental items
  • Unique size scale method eliminates need for creating stocking reports
  • Costed inventory report
  • Automatic inventory re-order report


  • Faxing, emailing, or printing of purchase order directly from order entry
  • Open purchase orders by vender, item or date reports
  • Online ordering notes by vender and/or item
  • Purchase Order Inquiry showing order status, outstanding items, recieved items including receipt dates, and vendor invoice information entered in Accounts Payable
  • Receipts history online
  • Integrated with the General Ledger, Inventory, and Accounts Payable
  • Ability to assign a workorder from the Installation system to a specific purchase order
  • Receive orders into stock or out of stock

General features include.. user-friendly pop-up windows for help and inquiries, screen views before printing, optional faxing from any terminal, open systems design to utilize existing hardware investment, bar-coding, EDI, etc., and custom programming for your exact needs.

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